Career Assessments – Find the Best Career Fit

Career Assessments

Are you in the right career? Have you dreamed of exploring a career better suited to you?

Your personality, interests, and values have everything to do with career fit. Let us help you through our customized career assessments process, designed to use the best indicators of a good career fit that we’ve found from our years of experience.


Next Best Step Logo IconOur Career Assessments Process:

For those who want to take the MBTI® and the Strong Interest Inventory® and receive an interpretation. Two sessions over the course of three weeks, depending upon how closely sessions are scheduled together. The sessions go in the following order:

  1.  Initial Meeting: A get-to-know-you session: Who are you? What are your goals and values? What is your work history so far? What are some careers you have considered or are considering now? 
  2. Independent Completion of Assessment Tools Online
  3. Assessment Results Interpretation: We review the results of the three assessment tools. What job families do your personality and interests best lend themselves to? What are your top work values? What is most important to you in a job? What career paths will you explore based upon our findings? How will you make a decision?

Introducing a Valuable Assessment to Help You Determine Your Best Career

YouScience is an assessment that measures aptitudes and interests and marries the two for suggested occupations. This tool helps adults looking to make a career change and young people just starting out.

youscienceI used this assessment with a recent grad. It helped her understand her strengths and gave her language to describe them to potential employers. A side benefit is that it gave her increased confidence in her abilities.

This same assessment told someone with many years of work experience that he is unhappy in his current job because he has no opportunity to use his core drivers and strengths. As a result, he has a big decision to make — continue in his current career path or make a significant change.

If you need help determining your career options, set up a meeting with me today to take the assessment. After our review and my interpretation, you’ll be armed with the information you need to take the next step.

“Carolyn helped me get back on track by making me focus on what made me happy. My dreams of doing something bold with my life were not seen as unrealistic or unreasonable. On the contrary, Carolyn helped me craft a plan of action to make it happen while keeping an emphasis on my responsibilities as a father and husband. I would recommend Carolyn to anyone seeking to adjust their life path.”

J.C., Marketing and Advertising Professional

“Carolyn was able to do, in a few hours of coaching, what it would have taken me years to accomplish on my own. Working with Carolyn renewed my hope in dreams that I had put aside. It was also one of the most fun experiences that I’ve ever had!”

L. C., Minister, Raleigh, NC