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Career Coach in Winston-SalemCarolyn Couch is a career coach in Winston-Salem

with over 20 years experience helping individuals begin, transition, and advance their careers. During her tenures with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Wake Forest University, Carolyn has helped hundreds of students and working professionals to define and clarify some of life’s biggest career questions. As a professional career coach in Winston-Salem, she has worked with individuals across a wide range of industries and professions including; sales and marketing, finance, public relations, consulting, government, education, operations management, the nonprofit sector, the ministry, media and research. Carolyn has also been a guest columnist for both the USA Today Online Career Center, Greensboro News & Record and HerCampus.com.

Her passion lies in helping people get clear about what they truly want to do, helping them to see life’s inevitable transitions as gifts to be embraced and expanded upon, empowering them toward authentic living and finding their best career fit.


Career Coach in Winston-Salem