Career Management

Career Management

Are you experiencing difficulties in your job? Do you want to position yourself for a promotion, develop new skills or simply stay marketable in the changing workplace?

We have helped hundreds of professionals with these same questions, and many more, with our career management service. We will work together to assess your career path to date, outline untapped opportunities and create an action plan to bring you greater personal satisfaction in your career and life.

The Next Step Career Coaching also offers distance coaching by telephone, Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout.

Next Best Step Logo IconCareer Management Process:

For people who want to position themselves for a promotion, who have had a less-than stellar performance review, or who want to develop new skills. Typically six sessions over the course of two months, and including the following process:

  1. Get clarity on exactly what outcomes you want, assess barriers to achieving that outcome.
  2. Formulate a picture of your ideal situation or outcome and then review and assess obstacles to that outcome.
  3. Brainstorm options and resources.
  4. Create and execute an action plan with built-in accountability for moving towards your goals.

“I was looking for the ‘right job’ to launch my career after completing graduate school. Carolyn helped me craft my interviewing skills by assisting me in recognizing and aligning my past experiences into a compelling narrative, tailored specifically to the job I desired. Her approach gave me a whole new way to think about interviewing, to advance my career to the next level.”

K.B., Public Affairs Professional