Career Transitions

Career Transitions

Have you recently been downsized? Want to re-enter the workforce after a period away?

Career transitions are a normal part of any career. But they can be incredibly stressful. With our professional career coaching, we can be your ally during a period of planned or unplanned change in your life. We will help you uncover opportunities and clarify goals amidst uncertainty, and create an action plan to help you reach them.

The Next Step Career Coaching also offers distance coaching by telephone, Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout.

Next Best Step Logo IconThe Process for Direction Seekers:

For people who want to change career direction or those re-entering the workforce. Four to five sessions, over the course of one to two months, depending upon how closely sessions are scheduled together. Though there is variance according to each client’s unique situation, the sessions typically go in the following order:

    1. Initial Meeting: A get-to-know-you session: Who are you? What are your goals and values? What do you want out of the coaching process? May include use of assessment tools.
    2. Assessment Results Interpretation: We review the results of the three assessment tools. What did you learn? Where are you in terms of values? What career paths will you explore based upon our findings?
    3. Exploration of Options: We explore career options based upon the results of your assessments.
    4. Decision Making: We review your findings and fine tune your long and short term goals.
    5. Create Action Plan and begin taking steps in your new direction.

A Valuable Assessment to Help You Determine Your Best Career

youscienceYouScience is an online tool that shows what you naturally do well, why you excel in certain areas, and how to achieve the future of your dreams by harnessing the power of your natural aptitudes. It gives you a big advantage for life’s most important decisions. Knowing which skills you’ll learn easily and which you may need to work harder to master gives you confidence to make big decisions and to achieve your highest potential.

Set up a consultation with me to see how YouScience can help you determine your best career options.

Next Best Step Logo IconThe Process for Job Seekers:

For professionals seeking employment or those who may be re-entering the workforce. Typically five to six sessions over the course of one to two months, again dependent upon how closely the sessions are scheduled together. Though the number of sessions vary based upon each client’s needs, they typically include the following:

    1. Initial Meeting: A get-to-know-you session: Who are you? What is your professional background and experience? What are your job targets?
    2. Resume Writing, Self-Marketing Materials (including social media): We work together to update your resume, cover letters, and other marketing materials to create a dynamic, competitive profile.
    3. Job Search Strategies: We review and plan job search strategies for your individual targets and goals.
    4. Interviewing Skills: Getting the interview is just the first step. We will sharpen your interview skills through role-play so that you will walk into the interview confident and self-assured.