The Process

How Does Career Coaching Work?


Many people wonder, “How does career coaching work?” The career coaching process varies according to your individual goals, and the amount of time and energy you can devote to the process. It is always confidential.  Depending on your needs, our roles may alternate between that of coach, consultant and teacher. The process may include one-on-one discussions, aptitude and career interest assessments, personality and values assessments, homework, reflection and, in some cases, role-play. Our packages range from two to six sessions and take from two weeks to two months to complete, depending upon your goals and how closely your sessions are scheduled together.

Coaching Process Diagram

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“A true professional, with experience and compassion and as well as knowledge and skill, Carolyn Couch understands the larger landscape of work and life in both challenges and opportunities. She also understands people. I recommend her without reservation. She will help you find your way.”

L.B., Business Developer, Winston-Salem, NC


“Before working with Carolyn I was adrift at work and unmotivated. Carolyn has helped me regain my focus, figure out what I want out of my job, and made me excited to be at work again. Thanks Carolyn!”

– S.S., Higher Education Administrator, Arlington, VA